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September 05, 2022 ------------
- War: whitetaileddeer08, tangled06, letterwriting12
- Toggler: myneighbortotoro06, whitetaileddeer15
- Slots (Image Type): myneighbortotoro01, ladybugs04, flowercookies20, chickeneggs12, chamomile14
- Puzzle: myneighbortotoro17, crocheting10, flowercookies02
- Memory: flowercrowns19, succulents03, sewing19
- Lucky Match (Zero Match): pumpkins04, crocheting14
- Card Claim: stardewvalley16, crocheting10
- Upcoming Vote: forestpaths12, chamomile20, kittens16, crocheting06
- Treasure Hunt: stardewvalley02, sospoot15, roses02
- Telepathy: cinnamonrolls14, flowercrowns18
- Black Jack: bees01, needlefelting04, flowerpicking08

September 02, 2022 ------------
- Starter Pack: crocheting18, crocheting01, crocheting20, teapots07, tangled04, flowercrowns02, tangled15, autumnleaves13, chamomile11, needlefelting02, tangled06, masonjars01, teapots12, sewing15, chickeneggs15

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Trade Log

September 05, 2022 ------------
- Traded Mysti: my sospoot15, letterwriting12 for stardewvalley12, stardewvalley18
- Traded Mysti: my teapots07, teapots12 for crocheting03, needlefelting03

September 02, 2022 ------------
- Traded Kayori: my autumnleaves13, chamomile11 for crocheting18, sewing02
- Traded Kayori: my chickeneggs15 for needlefelting04

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